Free Ladies & Children health care program

We have inited Health care camp for poor ladies and children to take care of the lower class ladies children who cant afford the medical expenses of their family a poor person even don’t have knowledge of care and health so we targeted those people to get them aware about how to care for themselves & children now a days as many diseases are growing in poor population areas in Pakistan and where the poor people do not have proper medical facilities.

The basic aim of the medical camp for children was to ensure the health of infants and their mothers and provide them required treatment for the illness they have and advice them on health care issues.

After holding the series of camps, the most common illness that has been found in the children was Anemia. Iron deficiency anemia in children is very commonly diagnosed. From team-building activities to individual support, Camp Independence has something for everyone. With the help of a full medical staff, parents can rest assured that their child will be in good hands. We had checkup more than 400 children. We provided almost 3 days of camp with 10 hours in each day with our staff. We deal with very patience to children and with their parents as well .