About Nusrat Welfare Foundation

Nusrat Welfare foundation has always served the poorest and neediest people of Pakistan’s society.


About Us

Nusrat Welfare Foundation is one of the advancing, non-benefit and independent organization, entirely dedicated to helpful management. In spite of the fact that Nusrat Welfare Foundation confidently enrolled in 2013 as an NGO, having an extraordinary record of open organization that goes as far over as the heights of Himalayas . Furnishing health, nourishing and treating outcasts and protecting the deserves has unvaryingly been the trademark of Nusrat Welfare Foundation. Nusrat Welfare Foundation volunteers press on to function energetically for giving mitigation to prejudiced folks all through the nation. Their committed administrations incorporate Rescue & Relief, Rehabilitation and Development, Education, Healthcare, Community Services, Micro-finance and obviously, Care for Orphans.

Our Mission

Nusrat Welfare Foundation came into existence, to inspire hope and contribute to health and welfare by providing the preeminent care to every maternity patient from beginning to end, by giving integrated clinical care of international standards. Empowering women by providing education, training’s and support, this is not the end as we are always ready to help every kind of cause that can result to serve humanity in anyway.

Our Vision

Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full impending of the Internet — Where every woman and child attains the right to endurance, fortification, progress and participation by getting all health facilities of international standards at their door steps and also by empowering women to get a respectable status in society where they can earn a respectful life— to constrain a innovative era of development, growth, and productivity.